Our Speakers

Bishop Phillip E. Owens
Founder of Immanuel’s Temple , serving faithfully and ministering internationally, earning honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degrees for their contributions.
Elect Lady Patricia A. Owens
Celebrated as an accomplished author, esteemed pastor, and dedicated dean overseeing the P.A. Owens Christian Academy, where his leadership fosters spiritual growth and academic excellence within the community.
Dr. Jackie McCullough
Renowned pastor, gospel singer, and author known for her powerful preaching and inspirational music within the Christian community.
Bishop Linwood Dillard
Founding Pastor of the Citadel of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis, TN, is a dynamic leader recognized for his evangelistic and pastoral ministries.
Pastor Nathanial Green
As International Youth Department President, he leads global spiritual and practical development through transformative ministry and leadership at Grace Cathedral Church of God in Christ, Dallas, TX.
Jerrie Merritt
Senior VP of Community Development at Bank of Nevada, with 40 years in banking, dedicated to enhancing community through business and community partnerships.
Dr. Jade Norris
Dr. Jade, a Las Vegas native and Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, promotes wellness through Lifestyle Medicine and @NSPIRELV events.
Dr. Curtis Bazemore
Emergency medicine specialist in North Las Vegas, NV, with over 30 years of experience, affiliated with MountainView Hospital, Sunrise Hospital, and Medical Center.
Janet Poe
With degrees in Psychology and Clinical Professional Counseling, she integrates faith into her practice, aiding clients with trauma, marriage therapy, and disorders.
Teri Lynn Kim
Founder of NCCST LLC, licensed clinical therapist and minister in Hawaii and Nevada, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology while integrating theology with psychology.
Gregory P. Wilken
Founder of Endunamo Consulting, empowering nonprofits and businesses with 15 years of senior HR leadership experience, and active at The Crossing Church.
Minister Ardena Nicholson
Minister at Immanuel's Temple. Dedicated to guiding and uplifting the community with heartfelt preaching and compassionate service.
Minister Marlene Darden
Minister at Immanuel's Temple. With three decades of experience, she leads with profound faith, inspiring through compassionate ministry.
Sheronda Jones
Witnessing Lead at Immanuel's Temple. Passionately empowers others to share their faith and spread the message of hope.
Minister Lacy Green
Minister at Immanuel's Temple. With nearly two decades of experience, He inspires and uplifts through dedicated service and faith.
Lela Gilbert
Esteemed member of the praise team at Immanuel's Temple. She serves as one of the choir directors, is a talented songwriter, and is a dedicated youth leader.

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